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A typical CA student never really has a college life. We grow up way too quickly, surpassing the three year phase of the life called college.
Classes are fun, aren’t they? But what makes them even more interesting is the variety of people you get to meet, the way they interact, not to mention their priorities ranging from grasping the concept of minority interest to falling in love with a stranger…

So here we have a list of the custom made, limited edition fellas you will end up finding only in your coaching classes. Sure, it’ll remind you of some of your friends and foes alike (wink).


The Color Coder:

They have a red pen to note what the teacher says, a green pen for the amendments and a black pen to mark those very important key points. Just befriend them and get their epic notes photocopied and save yourself from the hassle of concentrating in the classes!

Sleeper Cells:

These guys are always tired. They are tired from outstation audits, from the extra hours in office and tired from the never ending classes. The only place they really get a good sleep are in these auditoriums. Feel like waking them up, just switch off the air conditioning.


They have a question for everything. They are more concerned about Transfer Pricing when we are getting lost in the assessment procedures. They know how to irritate the teacher to the core and are still wondering what wrong did they do by asking a question?


These lot have to comment on everything. If the teacher utters the word-refund, they would shout ‘R’. If the teacher doesn’t say anything, they will still shout ‘R’. In case you are Rohan and your name is announced in the class, they will hymn ‘R’! Such a pain in the R….

The Glutton:

They eat during class, have a lunchbox for the break and are the reason behind the stock of samosas diminishng from the cafeteria within 5 minutes of break. Despite all of this, they manage to remain thin. Curse your metabolism!

The Heartbreaker:

She is the one responsible for multiple attempts of many a guys in CA exams. Half of the boys fall in love with that cute girl. Some of them act as her private concierge happily, while the others reserve a seat for her. For the record, she will never fall in love with any one of you!

The Richie Rich:

He is the guy with the car, has an i-phone 6 and his father either has a flourishing practice or an insanely successful business. Metro train hoarders like us hope that humare CA banne ke baad our kids would at-least get a good life like him in future.

The Gangs of Wasseypur :

They belong to the good ol’ Laxmi Nagar-the real adda of the CA Students. They have come from another state with the sole purpose of becoming a CA. They move in a pack of four and eat, live and study together. The overtly anxious, excessively serious brotherhood!

The Quota Warriors! :

These guys love reservation. They reserve a whole row of seats in the auditorium for their friends. The sole purpose of their life is to make sure that no stranger captures their new found territory. Fun fact: you may end up finding the same guys in multiple classes doing the same thing for next three months!

The Latecomers:

They belong to a CA firm that makes them slog. They enter the class forty minutes late and leave it half an hour early. These guys end up studying from the pirated videos of the very same teacher, courtesy their profound absence! 

CA classes are fun indeed. They are undoubtedly the most memorable times of our lives. Though we tried our best to find as many characters we could, if there are any one of them missing our radar, do let us know in the comments below.

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