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A Beautiful Message to all CA CS CMA Students & Members on the Occasion Of Diwali

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Happy diwali notice by me to everyone ???????

On this auspicious day, I wish all persons covered u/s 2(31) and all their relatives covered u/s 40(A)2b prosperity in your income from salary u/s17, business & profession u/s 28 and other income u/s 56 of

Income Tax Act and. May all you get all exemption including but not restricted to U/s 10/10A/10AA/10B/10BA/10BC/13A/54/B/C/DE/EA/EB/EC/ED/54F /54G/54GA/57etc.

May all you get all permissible deductions including but not restricted to sec. 30 to 37/U/S 80C to 80U including 80A/80AB/80AC/ entire series of 80H/80T/80I etc.

May you all are not the recipient of notice U/S 142(1)/ 143(2) /144/148/153A/153C/ 158BA/174/201 etc.

Even if you in receipt of above notice/s,may all such notices happened to be time bared u/s 149/153/153B/158BE etc.

May you all get setoff and carry forward provision u/s 70/71/71A/71B/ 72/72A/72AA/ 72AB/ 73A/74A withoutany provison.

May impact of interest u/s /158BF/ 158BFA etc as well as
impactof penalties u/s 221/ 271C/271CA/D/E/F/FA/G/H/ 272A/272AA/272B/272BBB/ 273 etc.
Shall be minimum.

Wishing u a very Happy Diwali…

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