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CA Student Should Remember These 15 Points

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CA student isn’t a special species, they are also human beings like others. So here is my top 15 points on what a CA student must remember.

1. Time Management: Manage time perfectly, it is one thing that you don’t have in abundance to waste.

2. Don’t Curse The ICAI: The ICAI is your governing body, cursing it every now and then won’t make your life easier, it cannot afford to give a 100% result every time, imagine if it does, you will end up cursing it even more.

3. Focus on practical skills: Augmenting theoretical knowledge with practical training will give you immense pleasure in work, however if you take these 2 as separate , you will suffer.

4. Learn the art of Tact: You must have read in your audit books the one aspect of an auditor is tact, follow this, learn how to tackle different people, at the end this is one the major skills required nowadays.

5. General Awareness: The one aspect CA’s lag behind other highly paid professionals is their lack of general awareness, being occupied with much of their syllabus they are not able to develop this area, try to read some good magazine every now and then.

6. Take your work seriously: Focus on learning aspect. Ask questions and if are not satisfied with the answer that your seniors or audit manager gives you, google around until you find an answer.

7. Understand: Understand that your partner isn’t God. So it is totally OK for you to have differences in opinion. Be independent in your thought process .

8. Comparison: Don’t compare yourself with another article of another firm. You are wasting your time. You never know what woes he has.

9. Attend the meets and conventions organised by ICAI. That’s the way you get to know more people from your profession. Trust me, you will need them.

10. Don’t feel bad that your friends who chose streams like engineering are settled and you are nowhere close. Your path is different and you are gonna have the last laugh. So why bother.

11. Always remember that your erstwhile partner or audit manager or seniors are all temporary. So don’t worry so much if they turnout to be unreasonable.

12. Take your articleship very seriously and don’t think it to be a burden of 3 years. Mind you, 3 years are golden which wont come back.

13. Attend your classes regularly and if you miss, immediately take notes from your friend who has attended it fully. When you sit to study during your leave, you wont have time to waste to ask for xerox!

14. While you learn in your articleship, have some fun also! Articleship does not mean working silen
tly for 7–8 hours and trying to think it as a burden. Go outside, have fun with other articles and employees, plan weekends, meet your friends in weekends and simultaneously, make notes of whatever you learn so that you don’t forget.

15. Don’t get carried away with what others are planning or doing. Its their journey and you have not paid for them, neither they will pay for you. Plan your things based on your thoughts, not what others’ thoughts.

16. Join a firm which will give you atleast 3 months of leave for attempt, good work exposure and decent stipend. Common! You deserve some returns for your hard work! ?

17. Don’t get frustrated/irritated during work pressure. Believe me, even this is worth experiencing. The relief and satisfaction that you’ll feel after completing your work will be more pleasing.

18. Last but not the least, start CA Final studies atleast 9 months before your first attempt so that you don’t get confused or lost when your leave starts.

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