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Effective ways of searching for CA Articleship Vacancy

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Searching for Articleship Vacancy is one of the toughest tasks for a CA Student as most of the articleship recruitments in India are through Reference. However, not all articleship recruitments are done through referral and in this article we will try to highlight some of the ways of searching for Articleship Vacancy.

Effective Methods for searching for Articleship Vacancy
1. References
It’s an open fact that a large no. of articleship recruitments is done through reference only. Employee Referral works the best as the existing employees are the first persons who come to know about an articleship vacancy and can directly sent the Articleship Resume to the concerned HR.

Another benefit of sending through a reference is that the Articleship Resume reaches the concerned HR who is doing the recruitment. If the Articleship Resume is not being sent through a reference, many a times it only reaches the central office without reaching the concerned HR.
PS: If you are sending your CV through a client of that CA Firm or through an article working in that CA Firm, then also you have a good chance ofrecruitment.

2. ICAI Articleship Placement Portal
To help CA Students in finding Articleship Vacancy, ICAI has also created a placement portal through which the CA Firms can connect with theprospective CA Students.
CA Students can upload their CV on the ICAI Articleship Placement Portal i.e. www.bosapp.icai.org and if the credentials of the candidate suit the CA Firm, the CA Firm will directly contact the candidate.
PS: The names of the CA Firms in which there is an articleship vacancy and is hiring through the ICAI Articleship Placement Portal are not displayed on this website and it is only when the credentials of the candidate suits the CA Firm, the CA Firm directly contacts the candidates.


3. Sending Resumes directly to the CA Firm :
You can also send your Resume to CA Firms directly for Articleship Recruitment. The contact details of these CA Firms are available online.

4. Online Portals
There are various online portals wherein Articleship Vacancies are posted. It is advisable that a student searching for articleship keeps a track of the articleship vacancies posted on these portals.


1. Most of the Articleship Vacancies in good CA Firms are for candidates who have cleared both groups of IPCC. Candidates who have only cleared
1 group of IPCC are not given much preference in good CA Firms.
2. Although ICAI allows transfer in the 1st year of articleship, most of the good CA Firms don’t accept transfer cases. Therefore, it is always
advisable to enrol in a good ca firm from day 1 itself (Recommended Read: ICAI Rules for Articleship Transfer)
3. ICAI has set a minimum stipend which is required to be paid by the Ca Firm to the Ca Article every month. (Recommended Read: Articleship
Stipend as per ICAI Norms and expected increase)
4. Articleship Vacancy is sometimes also posted on the Notice Board of the ICAI Offices.
5. Most of the CA Firms also recruit articles on Secondment basis (Recommended Read: All about Secondment of Articleship)
6. In the final year of Articleship, a student may also opt for Industrial Training in a Company (Recommended Read: Articleship in a company in the
last year of Training).

Credits : Karan

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