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How Football Related To CA Course By a CA

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The life of a CA student is like that of a football player.

Below is a small compilation of Football terminologies and how they are relevant in context of CA Course-

1. FOOTBALL: The most essential thing in the game of football is the football itself, without it the game can’t be played. In CA course, the football is perseverance, without it, one can’t even think about becoming a CA.


2. FIELD: Field is the area in which football is played. Field symbolizes the whole CA course- you have to start with CPT, cross the half line i.e IPCC and then aim for the goal i.e. final exams.


3. ATTACKER: Attacker is the player whose job is to play the ball forward towards the opponent’s goal area. In CA course, CA student is the attacker who strives hard to score the goal and win the match i.e. to become a CA.


4. GOALKEEPER: A goalkeeper has the job of preventing the opposition from scoring. In CA course, the examiner is the goalkeeper whose aim is to make it hard for student to clear the exams and thus, allowing only the excellent ones to cross the goal line.


5. CORNER FLAG: It’s the flag marking each of the four corners of the field. In CA course, these flags at the four corners are CPT, IPCC, Articleship and Final. It is between these four corners where the struggle for goal takes place. 


6. KEEPIE-UPPIE: The skill of juggling a football keeping it off the ground using the feet, knees, chest, shoulder or head is what is called as ‘Keepie-Uppie’. In CA course, keepie-uppie is the skill of juggling between articleship, coaching classes and self-studies.


7. DUMMY RUN: It is a run by a player without the ball to lure defenders away from the ball carrier. No points for guessing that in CA course, it is the dummy article that does articleship without going to the office.


8. HATTRICK: A player is considered to have scored a hat-trick when he scores three goals in a single match. In CA course, hat-trick is when a student clears CPT, IPCC and Final, all the three, in first attempt. 


9. GHOST GOAL: Situation where a ball fairly crossed the goal line, but did not result in a goal. In CA course, it is a situation where a student passes all the subjects, but fails because of low aggregate.


10. CORRIDOR OF UNCERTAINTY: A cross or pass which is delivered into the area in front of the goalkeeper and behind the last line of defence. In CA course, corridor of uncertainty is when a student reaches the final line, but repeatedly fails to convert it into a goal i.e. clears the final exams.


In football, FIFA is Federation International de Football Association, but in CA, it is Fake Intelligence makes Frail Accountants. It means to be a good CA, you have to be smart – really smart! Probably, not all may emerge winners; but just like a true sportsman, the spirit of competitiveness should never die.

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