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How to get 60+ Marks In Costing & FM ?

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1.  Total Cost & FM is divided in to two parts



2.  Theory: 32Marks – 50Min (32marks * 1.5Min) – Target Marks-20 to 25 – 1sPriority

Most of the students are just concentrating on practical problems, it is not good practice, you must give more weight to theory for scoring good mark.

95% of theory Questions are direct and also repetitive in nature.

You  must  write  the  theory  in  points  wise  and  also  points  from  institute material is recommended

In exam you must start with theory Questions, so need to give 1st Priority.

You will easily get 20 to 25Marks in theory.

3.  Practical: 68Marks -130Minutes – Target Marks 40+

A. Directly from institute material or Easy problems – 35 to 40Marks – 60Minutes – Target Marks-30 to 35 –2nPriority

In every exam they will give some easy Questions, so you need to concentrate more on this area and also need to utilize time in perfect manner to score more than 90% marks in each Question you attempted

For this part you can use 60 to 75 Minutes if required and also working notes for each problem is must. 

You will get 30to 35 marks in this area.

You will get approximately 45 to 50Marks from the above two parts that will increase your confidence level, because you are in secure Zone.

B. Complicated  or  Lengthy  Problems-28  to  30  Marks-40  to  60Minutes-Target

Marks – 10 to 15 –3rPriority.

If Exam paper is tougher they will give 30 to 35Marks in this part. So start after completion of first two parts (after 2 Hours) because at this point your confidence level is more, so you can solve any complicated problem.

For this part you can take balance time and also try to attempt all balance problems within the available time.

You will get definitely 10 to 15Marks in this area.

4.    If you follow these guidelines systematically you will score more than 60 easily even through your preparation is normal.

5.  If  Exam  paper  is  too  tougher means  it  covers  approximately 35  to  40Marks complicated problems.

6.  If Paper is tougher you will be happier because you can utilize majority of time for balance 60marks (Easy problems & theory) to get full marks in this area.

7.  All the best students. I hope you all get more than 60 Marks in cost and FM Subject.

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