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IGNOU’s B.Com scheme for CA students – Subjects in IGNOU’s B.com in Pdf – Prospectus in Pdf

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Question: I want to join IGNOU’S B.com. scheme for CA students. Though i know about it but I am confused that if i take admission now then when will be my first attempt for the Exams
Answer: Bachelor of Commerce with Major in Accountancy and Finance is designed and developed in collaboration with The Board of Studies, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, exclusively for the Chartered Accountancy students. The main objective of this programme is to develop skills and competencies of the students in the field of Accountancy and finance.

Students can simultaneously study this B.Com with Major in Accountancy and Finance programme with Chartered Accountancy First Stage offered By ICAI. This programme comprises of 104 credits, out of which 32 credits are from IGNOU and 72 credits are part of Chartered Accountancy course (First Stage). Once a student passing Chartered Accountancy First Stage, automatic credit transfer is given in this B.Com (A & F) programme for all of those Chartered Accountancy First Stage courses.

This scheme facilitates the student to obtain duel degree simultaneously.

Programme Structure
To be eligible for the award of the degree, B.Com with Major in Accountancy and Finance B.Com (A&F), a student has to complete courses as shown below. Completion of CPT/PE1/Foundation is a pre-condition to seek.

admission in B.Com (A & F). Therefore, all the students admitted to B.Com (A & F) get automatic credit transfer for Part A courses. All the 6 courses of Part B shall be delivered by IGNOU and the student has to pursue them as per the IGNOU system.

All the 7 courses of Part C shall be delivered by ICAI as part of Chartered Accountancy First Stage and the student has to pursue them as per the ICAI system for Chartered Accountancy. Part D component, i.e., completion of 3 year articleship of Chartered Accountancy is compulsory for all the students.

Eligibility for Admission

Candidates who fulfill the following conditions are eligible for admission to this programme:

  1. 10+2 or its Equivalance
  2. Passed Common Proficiency Test/PE-I/Foundation from ICAI.
  3. Registration in Professional Competence Course/PE-II/lntermediate (Chartered Accountancy First Stage) of ICAI.
    Already passed Professional Competence Course/PE-II/lntermediate

As per the eligibility, students who are currently pursuing Chartered Accountancy First Stage (PCC)/PE-II as well as those who have already completed PCC/PEII/lntermediate of Chartered Accountancy are eligible to seek admission to this programme.

Similarly, all those students who have passed Chartered Accountancy under the earlier schemes are also allowed to join this programme.

Medium of Instruction This programme is offered in both Hindi as well as English medium. Printed course material and assignments are sent to you in the medium of your option.

Similarly, you have to submit the assignments and attempt the term end examinations in the medium you have opted for. Audio/video programmes and counseling are also provided through the medium you have opted for.

Fee Structure  The total fee for this programme is Rs. 7,200/- which covers Rs. 1200 for getting cerificate which should be paid in DD and rs.750/- for prospectus.

The student once admitted shall be deemed to have been registered for all the 3 years. Therefore, he/she is not required to re-register for the 2nd year/3rd year and pay any fees.

The programme fee shall be payable only by means of Demand Draft drawn in favour of “IGNOU” and payable at the city where your regional centre is located.

Please write your name & address (in Capitals) and programme name at the back of your demand draft to ensure proper credit to your fee account. Application and D/D are to be submitted at the concerned IGNOU Regional Centres only, but not to send to the head quarters.

Duration of the Programme The University offers lot of flexibility and openness in the duration for the completion of this programme. You can complete this programme within a minimum period of 3 years and a maximum period of 6 years.

A student once admitted to this programme, his/her registration is valid for 6 years. In case a student fails to complete within 6 years, he/she shall be required to seek re-admission by paying the prescribed fee.

Students once admitted to this programme shall be deemed to have been admitted for 3 years. Therefore, no need to re-register in 2nd year and 3rd year, as in the case of the existing B.Com programme.

For the students who have already completed the Chartered Accountancy First Stage (lntermediate/ PE-II/PCC), the minimum period of study shall be proportionately reduced. Thus, such students can complete this programme within a minimum period of one year and a maximum period of 4 years.

Evaluation System This programme facilitates simultaneous study of Chartered Accountancy. A student admitted to this programme study selected IGNOU courses and complete them as per IGNOU evaluation system.

He/she simultaneously study Chartered Accountancy First Stage (PCC/PE-II/Intermediate) and complete those courses as per the ICAI scheme. Once a student passes those courses, automatic credit transfer is given in B.Com (A&F).

The details of the evaluation scheme is as follows:

Part A Courses: These 4 courses are the same as covered in Common Proficiency Test (CPT) or PE-I or Foundation. Since passing of CPT/PE-I/Foundation is a pre-condition to join B.Com (A&F), all the students who ever join this programme will get exemption for these courses. The marks you secured in CPT/PE-I/Foundation courses are automatically transferred against these 4 courses.

Part B Courses: A student shall pursue these 6 courses of Part B with IGNOU and complete them as per the IGNOU evaluation system, which is explained in detail later in this handbook.

Part C Courses: A student shall pursue 7 of the Part C courses with ICAI as a student of Chartered Accountancy.
First Stage (Intermediate/PE-II/PCC). Once these courses are passed as per the examination scheme of the Chartered Accountancy First Stage, she/he is deemed to have passed all the Part C Courses in B.Com(A&F) and credit transfer is given.

Part D: A student shall complete Articleship of 3 years compulsorily, as per the requirements in Chartered Accountancy. There are no marks assigned to this component.

Based on the marks obtained by the student in Part A, Part B and Part C courses, as per the evaluation system explained above, the Bachelor of Commerce with Major in Accountancy and Finance B.Com (A&F) shall be awarded as per the following marking scheme:

Unsuccessful: Below 35%
Pass: 35% to 49.9%
Second Division: 50% to 59.9%
First Division: 60% and above

Revised Programme Structure of B.Com. (Accountancy and Finance) of IGNOU : Download

Prospectus & Programme Guide IGNOU-ICAI                    : Download


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3 comments on “IGNOU’s B.Com scheme for CA students – Subjects in IGNOU’s B.com in Pdf – Prospectus in Pdf

Rayudu Ravi Shankar

Sir I have completed IPCC group 1 and undergoing articleship , can I join now or I have to complete group 2 for eligibility


You have to complete Both groups to eligible for the scheme

Pinki gangwani

Sir, when we will get the degree…..


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