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Importance Of Meditation for CA/CS/CMA Students

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1. Improved Concentration: 
Meditation can improve memory, focus and productivity during studies. Poor Concentration is a common complaint by students, and our all time enemy. And the worst is, it evades us when we need it the most- studying at night for exam the following day, for instance. Research studies have shown that regular practice of meditation can help increase attention and sustain it.
2. Enhanced Confidence Level:
Meditation has the ability to not only reduce levels of stress, but it can even help us build better brains. While these benefits are impressive enough on their own, meditation can also do far more.

It has the ability to transform how you see yourself and can boost your confidence which is utmost important during the exam time.
3. Relief from Headache: 
During this exam season, students generally complain about a lot of headache. This is the cause of long hours of continuous study. But there is obviously a solution to this problem. You just don’t need any medicines, nor will any natural remedy give you relief than meditation.

Meditation apart from various other health issues also helps in giving relief from the headaches that you come across during exams, be it a minor one or a major one.
4. Sharper Brain: 
Apart from the other advantages that have been discussed, this is one of the major benefits of meditation. Meditation has been proven to increase brain size along with dealing with stress and strong emotions.

It is mostly seen during the exam time that students are able to retain more than those not opting for meditation.


5. Better Sleep:
We all know the importance of sleep, especially during the exam season. There are various articles that focus on sleep, emphasizing on the benefits of a sound sleep before a big day.

But some of you might be in a situation that you may be trying to sleep but are unable to have a good bedtime because of the stress that is going on during the exam weeks. Meditation is really very helpful in today’s hectic sleep deprived world helping you to come out of this problem.
6. Lower Absenteeism: 
Students who meditate benefit from lower levels of absenteeism, lower levels of behaviour incidents and lower levels of suspension. This is a very important technique of concentration than any other trick- powerful and important.
7. Eliminates Nervous Breakdown:
Most of you suffer from nervous breakdown in the exam hall when the question paper comes in your hand. Meditation helps a lot in reducing it; rather it may be helpful in eliminating the same.

After applying the techniques of meditation, you might now no more get nervous and spoil the main day just because you were nervous.
8. Reduction in Depression and Anxiety: 
Meditating leads to significant reductions in depressive symptoms, and that is apparently true for everyone, including those who have indications of clinically significant depressions.

Especially, on the exam day, students suffer from great levels on anxiety which leads to poor exam performance. Meditation works a lot and helps in bringing out good players.
9. Health Benefits: 
It is very important for students, especially during this critical time that they remain healthy and fit. Along with the mental peace which meditation provides, it also helps to keep away a lot of health problems.
10. Staying Happy:
Nothing positive can happen if a person is surrounded by fear, sadness, and depression. Students who meditate daily get higher levels of confidence and self-esteem.

Meditation is the “ultimate formula” for happiness. So, get into the habit of meditating leading a peaceful life and excel in your exams.

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