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New section 269ST applicability From AY 2017-18

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1. If u accept 3L or more from same person in a day even against different bills section is violated
2. If u accept 3L or more from a person against one bill even on different days section is atracted

3. If u accept 3L or more from a person for a series of transactions emanating from one event or ocassion section is attracted
 Applicability of section 269ST

1. If one sells goods worth Rs 450000 through three different bills of 150000 each to one person and accepts cash in single day at different times then section 269ST(a) will get violated

2. If one sells goods worth Rs 400000 through single bill to Another person and receives cash of 200000 on day1 and another 200000 on day 2 then section 269ST(b ) will get violated.

3. If A accepts cash of 100000 for catering Rs 150000 for decoration and rs 150000 for tent house work then section 269ST(c) will get violated even if cash is accepted on different dates. Penalty for Violation being 100% of cash received!

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