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Prime Minister Modi Speech Points in CA EVENT at Delhi on 1st july 2017

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And that’s the end of the live blog! Modi leaves to uproarious applause.


Jul 01, 08:01 PM (IST)

My heartiest congratulations to you Chartered Accountants on your founding day.


Jul 01, 08:00 PM (IST)

Don’t let this opportunity to run away from integrating the whole nation.


Jul 01, 07:58 PM (IST)

Modi’s challenge: On the 75 th year of the founding ICAI, will you change the big four to the big eight companies of Chartered Accountant firms of the world?


Jul 01, 07:54 PM (IST)

The name of a CA  must be equated with Compliance and Accuracy, says PM.

Jul 01, 07:53 PM (IST)


Jul 01, 07:52 PM (IST)

I invite everyone to carry on with their profession with dignity.


Jul 01, 07:51 PM (IST)

PM says that man only committs crimes only when he has someone saving him


Jul 01, 07:48 PM (IST)

I invite you to set your ways straight this July. Understand the greatness of your profession and carry it forward.


Jul 01, 07:46 PM (IST)

PM: I appeal to you, your signature carries the trust of crores of Indian, never let break, never let it get a scratch even.


Jul 01, 7:44 PM (IST)

CA signatures carries more power than the signature of the Prime Minister of this country.


Jul 01, 7:43 PM (IST)

Chartered Accountants are the economic ambassadors between the people and businesses.


Jul 01, 7:42 PM (IST)

The role of CAs have become more important after the rollout of the goods and services tax.


Jul 01, 7:41 PM (IST)

Today our nation stands at an important stage in history. 2017 will the year where one naiton,one tax and one market will be fulfilled : PM


Jul 01, 7:37 PM (IST)

How is it possible that only 25 Chartered Accountants are prosecuted? Are only these many people committing crimes ?


Jul 01, 7:35 PM (IST)

Only 35 lakh people file their returns with an income above 10 lakhs, do you believe this?


Jul 01, 7:34 PM (IST)

In a country of 2 crore engineers and mangement people, and 2 crore 13 lakh people travelled abroad


Jul 01, 7:31 PM (IST)

I urge you to spot these thieves between us, who have looted us with the black money.


Jul 01, 7:26 PM (IST)

We have noted around 38,000 shell companies that hide and move around black money, they will be given strict punishment.


Jul 01, 7:25 PM (IST)

Just 48 hours back, more than 1 Lakh companies have been shut with the single stroke of a pen, says Modi.


Jul 01, 7:25 PM (IST)

Just 48 hours back, more than 1 Lakh companies have been shut with the single stroke of a pen.


Jul 01, 7:23 PM (IST)

We have lined up the figures after November 8 through data mining : 3 Lakh registered companies are under the scanner.


Jul 01, 7:19 PM (IST)

On one hand, I am carrying out Swach Bharat Abhiyaan, on the other, I am cleaning up the economy.


Jul 01, 7:18 PM (IST)

In two years down the line, when Swiss start releasing real time data, then it will be a tough time for these people.


Jul 01, 7:17 PM (IST)

30 years ago, in 1987, Swiss banks started disclosing the amounts countries put up. According to the latest reports, the amounts deposited came down by 45 percent.


Jul 01, 7:16 PM (IST)

If people keep stealing from a country, the country will not sustain.


Jul 01, 7:13 PM (IST)

Our elders say: Even after a fire, we can rebuild, but if anyone keeps stealing, the stops working.


Jul 01, 7:10 PM (IST)

Your worth is equivalent to the great Rishimunis for handling wealth in the right ways. How to go about using wealth in the right way is the responsibility of you Chartered Accountants.


Jul 01, 7:08 PM (IST)

I have the honor of inducting this dynamic course, which will improve the financial education in our country.


Jul 01, 7:07 PM (IST)

You, as CAs are an important pillar for our economy. The world looks up to the CAs of India for their diligence.


Jul 01, 7:06 PM (IST)

You have been given a divine right to decide the right from the wrong in this country.


Jul 01, 7:03 PM (IST)

PM says that today marks the beginning of GST, the Good and Simple Tax in this country.


Jul 01, 7:01 PM (IST)

My greatest salutations to you all for braving the rain and making it to the event on this historic day.


Jul 01, 6:58 PM (IST)

PM Modi begins speech.


Jul 01, 6:58 PM (IST)

The CA profession is behind you. Your presence will motivate us for a long time to come.


Jul 01, 6:56 PM (IST)

CA Nilesh.A.Vikamsey gives introductory speech, praises Modi for the most awaited, long awaited reform


Jul 01, 6:53 PM (IST)

He’s Here ! PM Narendra Modi enters stage with “Kadam Badhaeyga” song in background. Modi recived to cheers.


Jul 01, 6:45 PM (IST)

The Prime Minister is on his way in a few minutes, thank you Chartered Accountants


Jul 01, 6:44 PM (IST)

we will keep moving the direct and indirect taxes towards digitization, will help assessees and the general public.


Jul 01, 6:42 PM (IST)

All those who say that whether single or double rate of tax is not possible yet.


Jul 01, 6:40 PM (IST)

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley is back, no sign of PM.


Jul 01, 5:42 PM (IST)

For the first time, Government has gone ahead of trade and businesses.


Jul 01, 5:41 PM (IST)

A majority of support and solutions around GST came from Chartered Accounts, for that I am very grateful.


Jul 01, 5:39 PM (IST)

What a Stellar Speech! Let’s see what Hasmukh Adia has to say 12 hours into GST


Jul 01, 5:38 PM (IST)

Government which blinks, are never able to reform


Jul 01, 5:38 PM (IST)

I specifically thank the ICAI and Chartered Accountants for carrying out the campaign while keeping public opinion positive


Jul 01, 5:36 PM (IST)

We are not dealing with the tribals, GST meant for top one percent of the country. For those businesses with a turnover of crores, will the software present itself as a hurdle ?


Jul 01, 5:35 PM (IST)

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley speaks at ICAI event 


Jul 01, 4:55 PM (IST)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to inaugurate and speak at a function by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India to launch a new curriculum for the CA course.

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