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Students who currently registered in CPT/IPCC can convert their registration into the Direct Entry Scheme if they have completed their graduation/ post qualification or have cleared the intermediate level of ICWAI/ICSI. On conversion into the Direct Entry Scheme, the CA student can immediately start his articleship without the requirement of clearing IPCC Group I. Conversion from IPCC…

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​ ​It may be observed that currently Paper 4 Taxation of Intermediate (IPC) examination covers questions from both Direct and Indirect Taxes. Candidates are required to write their answers thereon on a single answer book. It has now been decided to bifurcate the above mentioned Paper 4- Taxation of Intermediate (IPC) into two sections.  Accordingly, the…

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To Register for Articleship 1. You should have passed One (Group I)  or Both Groups of IPCC and completed the required ITT training and Orientation programmes (or) 2. Graduates who are eligible to join the course under direct entry scheme Note: Students under direct entry scheme can join articleship directly without undergoing ITT and orientation…

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