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Thoughts That Every CA, CMA, CS Student Gets When He/she Fails For The First Time

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Thoughts That Every CA, CMA, CS Student Gets When He/she Fails For The First Time :

1. “Did I choose the #wrong-career path? I would have better opted for engineering or MBA.”
2. “How can I fail in examinations? I haven’t ever failed in my life. I was a #topper in school. This is not possible.”
3. “This must be a #bad-dream (nightmare). I hope I wake up soon and relax.”
4. “There is surely some mistake on part of ICAI. I will apply for #verification of marks”.

5. “Was giving #both-groups out of my league?” “Now what? One or both groups. “

6. If the passing #percentage is extremely low – “So the other 97% flunked too, then it’s okay if I didn’t make it.”

7. “Was the #checker in bad mood while checking my paper or was he angry after fighting with his wife?
Mere upar kyun nikala sara gussa!!”

8. #Crying for the next 3 days at least.

9. He starts listening to extremely #sad-songs about life and then
when he has no option but to study again he switches to #motivating-songs.

10. Google up about failure and success and then thinking it’s okay to fail in #CA exams. Even some toppers made it in second or third attempt.

11. Realizing why people say CA means #Come-Again

12. #Wondering it would have been better if you had faced failure in the early periods.

13. Feeling guilty for breaking #parents-expectations and thinking about
‘main logon ko kya muh dikahunga!’ (Those who don’t know much about CA but will only see whether you have passed or not).

14. “How could my #cousin/friend made it? I studied more than him!
It’s a #luck-game man!”

15. #Talking to your friends who have flunked too and sharing #pain. Well that’s when you realize nothing brings people more closely than a common pain.

16. Worrying about #amendments, new notes and books.

17. “What’s the use of my sincere efforts during #articleship if I couldn’t make it in first attempt?”

18. Wondering if dummy would have been a better option so as to devote full time to #studies.

Well slowly and steadily you have to #accept the failure. No one can #motivate you more than you #yourself..

Failing is a big pain but if you haven’t ever failed in CA examinations then you miss out an important chapter of life during this journey..

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